• General Corporate

    We are committed to offering flexible and practical solutions to problems that corporate clients face in the course of daily business activities based on our legal analysis of each client's circumstances. In addition to ordinary legal work such as reviewing contracts and advising on specific transactions, we provide comprehensive and finely crafted legal strategy for areas such as compliance and regulatory issues to prevent legal problems arising.

  • International corporate

    The lessening of economic borders expands opportunities for corporate clients to negotiate, enter into contracts and trade with counterparties who have legal systems and business practices different from their own. We advise both international corporate clients trading with domestic companies and domestic corporate clients trading with international companies. Our practice includes drafting English contracts including sale and purchase agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements and joint venture agreements and participating in negotiations in English with counterparties. We also provide Japanese-English translation services in respect of legal documents and promise to deliver translated texts which are accurate and easily understandable and which are backed by our legal professional knowledge.

  • Civil dispute case

    We advise and represent both domestic corporate clients and individual clients in respect of civil dispute resolutions (including negotiation, mediation and litigation) relating to a wide range of areas such as sales and purchase, service contracts, transfer of receivables, debt collection, leased land and buildings, land boundaries, traffic accidents and other damage suits. Early consultation with legal professionals helps to ensure that legitimate rights are protected and prevents escalation of disputes. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Family law case

    We advise and represent individual clients in family law cases. Our practice includes:

    - Inheritance (such as legacy division conference, preparation of a will); for example,
    in case heirs fail to reach an agreement on partition of the estate;
    in case you desire to leave the real estate that you own to a certain designated son or daughter;
    - Guardianship (such as application for guardianship ("koken"), curatorship ("hosa") and assistance ("hojo")); for example,
    in case one of your family members becomes unable to keep track of finances due to dementia;
    - Divorce (such as negotiation, mediation and litigation for divorce)
    in case you desire to get divorced or you have received from your partner a petition for mediation for divorce;
    in case you need to claim for child support.
  • International Family law case

    The lessening of economic borders affects individual legal matters in the same way as is the case for corporate matters. We are committed to working on international family law cases such as international marriage and divorce and inheritance of estates located outside Japan. We team up with local counsel outside Japan as needed and take all necessary actions to reach a prompt solution.

  • Intellectual Property,Entertainment

    We provide comprehensive advices on licensing and other intellectual property transactions. We have extensive experience and knowledge in advising on legal issues arising out of production, acquisition of rights and distribution of content such as animation, movies and music and events such as sports, music concerts and theatrical art performances and drafting relevant contracts.

  • Employment

    We provide professional and practical advices on employment matters arising in international and domestic companies and represent clients in employment dispute resolutions such as litigation and mediation. We are very familiar with employment issues specific to international companies and promise to provide practical advice and solutions based on our extensive experience.

  • Real Estate

    We advise on various legal matters relevant to sale and purchase, leasing and management of real estates and real estate development and investment. We provide legal services such as drafting contracts, and negotiation and representation for legal disputes relevant to real estate matters which involve various complicated legal issues.

  • Restructuring, Bankruptcy

    Corporate restructuring and bankruptcy requires a variety of legal knowledge and experience as it involves conflicting legal issues among a number of parties concerned. We provide relevant advice to clients who are considering the use of such restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings or to those who need to collect claims from a counterparty company in financial difficulty or in the process of restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings. We also represent individual clients in voluntary liquidation, civil restructuring and bankruptcy matters.

  • Criminal defense

    We represent and defend individual clients who are subject to criminal charges. We also assist individual clients who need to participate in criminal trials as victims of crime.